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Photobooks, Photography Festivals, Photography Galleries November 15, 2017

Today I visited The Library Project (TLP) in Dublin, Ireland.

Located in Temple Bar, the heart of Dublin’s city center, TLP is a hypermobile space which functions as an art bookshop, specialized photobook library and gallery. Initiated in 2011 by Claudi Nir and Ángel Luis González Fernández, TLP aims to offer the public an on-going collection of the latest photobooks, magazines and zines, whether produced by publishing houses or self-published. The space offers visitors an open door to discover local and international contemporary Art practices through a careful selection of publications, and a variety of exhibitions and events.

TLP is run by PhotoIreland, a foundation which also organizes the annual PhotoIreland Festival and HALFTONE initiative. It also hosts The PhotoIreland Collection which holds over 3,000 items from more than 200 publishers from all over the world, available for free to visitors and researchers.

Ángel Luis González Fernández at The Library Project.

If you happen to be in Dublin, you should definitely visit. You can also show your support by shopping in store or online, by becoming a patron or by donating your photobooks or other related materials to the The PhotoIreland Collection.


*Featured photograph: Renieri, Danae. The Library Project. November, 2017.


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