Museum and Exhibition Design

MA Photographic History, Photographic History, Photography Exhibitions, United Kingdom May 4, 2016

During my postgraduate studies, I took the elective module Museum and Exhibition Design which taught me to identify and critically evaluate the key factors that designers take into consideration in museum and exhibition design.

For one of the module’s assignments I was required to choose an exhibition currently on view at a local gallery or museum, evaluate it and write a 3,000-word illustrated report. My report focused on the India’s Gateway: Gujarat, Mumbai & Britain national touring exhibition that took place from 17 October to 21 February 20161 at the New Walk Museum & Art Gallery in Leicester, United Kingdom. The goal of this exhibition was to present the relationship between Gujarat, Mumbai and Britain, from a Leicester viewpoint. The aim of my report was to analyze if aspects such as accessibility, visitor’s flow, interactivity, lighting, marketing and safety were considered in the design of this exhibition and to see if the exhibition managed to achieve its goal. To investigate these aspects, I visited the site, observed, took notes, and talked to staff members.

Exhibition Poster.
New Walk Museum & Art Gallery.
Exhibition installation view.

You can read my report, for which I received a distinction grade, here.


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