Love your Yiayia and Pappou Photo Contest 2013

Photography Contests, Portraits December 31, 2013

Photograph submitted to the Love our Yiayia and Pappou Photocontest 2013.

“How can anyone put in words the love and impact of a yiayia and pappou? These two have created, nourished me and taught me how to perceive the world. It was at an early age, that I lost my father and in a way my grandparents took his place, playing an even greater role in my upbringing. So many things I have taken from them, but I think I will never reach their level of strength. Even now that my pappou is 87 and my yiayia 80, they do so much more than me at my 27. Everyday activities like gardening, farming, cooking, cleaning or watching over their great grandchildren. They have a much better “σκαρί,” than I’ll ever have! I will never forget the conversations between me and my pappou or my yiayia’s meals. Everything they do and give is full of their warmth and love. Looking at this photograph, seeing the wrinkles on my yiayia’s face I see all of her pain and struggle in raising her family, I see her story, I see myself. And my pappou driving next to her, these two always side by side, creating a life together from scratch. They have such character, courage, kindness and selflessness. Just the thought of a world without them brings tears to my eyes. Everything will be so much quieter. I will always carry them inside me and only hope that one day I will get to become just as good of a grandparent as they are…” Danae Renieri


Hi, I'm Danae! I'm a photographer and I hold a MA in Photographic History. Besides my passion for photography, I enjoy traveling, walking, meditating, and I am an avid supporter of low-waste living.