Athens, Greece, B&W Photography, Self-Portraits October 9, 2012

A self-portrait of mine was used in a poster for SΠEKTRUM 2012, an electronic music festival and digital/new media art showcase which took place on October 07, 2012 at six d.o.g.s, Athens. The poster was available for free to those who attended the festival.

A3 size poster designed by layer based human activities for SΠEKTRUM 2012.

Renieri, Danae. Self-portrait. December, 2008.

This A3 size poster was designed by multidisciplinary audio/visual artists John Sotiropoulos and Sotiris Laskaris a.k.a layer based human activities.


Hi, I'm Danae! I'm a photographer and I hold a MA in Photographic History. Besides my passion for photography, I enjoy traveling, walking, meditating, and I am an avid supporter of low-waste living.

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