The tintype process was first described in 1853 by Adolphe-Alexandre Martin in France, but was patented in 1856 by Hamilton Smith in the United States and by William Kloen in the United Kingdom. A tintype is a positive image on a darkened metal plates coated with collodion.

This exciting hands-on workshop with Scott Hilton and Bryan Wing of Project Barbatype allowed me to experience coating, capturing and developing tintypes.

- Danae Renieri

My tintype self-portrait.

Scott Hilton teaching me how to coat metal plates with collodion.

Captured and made a tintype self-portrait.

Today I participated in a tintype workshop which was arranged by the Texas Photographic Society and hosted by the Dallas Center for Photography.

Tintype Workshop

Photography Workshop, Photographic History, Photographic Processes, February 08, 2019