During the workshop I learned how to make cyanotypes, argyrotypes and photograms. The making process included coating, exposure, developing and fixing, washing, drying and pressing of prints.


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- Danae Renieri

Cyanotypes, photograms and argyrotype.

Washing my argyrotype. Photograph by Andy Malthouse.

Time to fix and wash the prints. Photograph by Andy Malthouse.

Making a direct copy from a glass plate negative by placing the hand-coated photosensitive paper in direct contact with the negative and exposing them under UV light.

In the darkroom. Photograph by Andy Malthouse.

Hand-coating paper with a solution of light-sensitive chemicals. Photograph by Andy Malthouse.

Today I participated in an Alternative Processes Workshop instructed by my tutor Dr Kelley Wilder, Director of the Photographic History Research Centre at the De Montfort University, Leicester, UK. The workshop took place at the Photography Centre located in the basement of the Portland Building.

Alternative Processes Workshop

Photographic History, Photographic Processes, April 26, 2016